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Unlock Your Body's Full Potential!

I will train/coach you in your choice of workout, Body Weight (Calisthenics), Weighted Resistance Training, Running, Hiit, Boxing or Yoga/Mobility. My workouts will help in developing Strength, Speed, Power, Balance, Flexibility and Cardiovascular fitness.

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It’s all about what kind of fuel your pu


“What's for dinner?” Choose healthy recipes that best fit your taste

Plan your meals, avoid impulse buying, ordering and eating out. Exercise pared with Healthy meals in bulk will save you time and money. All while getting closer to your fitness goals.



Reprogram your brain by changing your subconscious thoughts

In this consultation I will challenge your ways of thinking and push you to have a growth mindset. I will assess your goals/mindset and provide techniques to develop mental skills and improve mental capacity. Learn how to tap into the unconscious mind, answer questions and get solutions to your problems. I will make sure your body and mind find the right balance. Make the transformation to a healthy, mentally clearer version of yourself.

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Quiet the Mind and the Soul will speak

Did you know that meditation grows and changes the brain? Just like its important to do exercise to build the body (external) it is also important to do innercise (internal) to build the Mind & Soul. This powerful practice will allow you to manifest the money, relationship, health, energy and all the good things you want for your life. Find your self in the center, the eternal now, in which past and future drop away. Achieve a mentally clear, emotionally calm and stable state. I will make sure your body and mind find the right balance. Book a session today!

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